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Track Everything

Track Everything

Family, friends, coworkers - with everyone you're inviting you'll need to easily be able to keep track of their RSVP status. Have they reserved yet? Can I download a complete list of all the selected meal options? RSVP Keeper has been built to make your life easier.

Easy Emails

Easy Emails

Email RSVP's are all the rage these days - and for good reason. They're easier to create and send (no more licking envelopes), simpler for your guests to answer (easy status selection, less confusion), and easier to track who has and hasn't RSVP'd.

All Events Welcome

All Events Welcome

Easily accept online RSVP's for all types of events - no event is too big or small. RSVP Keeper is great for Wedding RSVP's, Work Event RSVP's, Bar Mitzvah RSVP's, Rehearsal RSVP's, Shower RSVP's, Night Out RSVP's - whatever you have in mind!

Simple To Use

Simple To Use

We've been hard at work making sure every component in RSVP Keeper is easy to use. The same goes for the form your guests will be filling out. We're sure it will be the absolutely easiest RSVP they've ever completed. (And the easiest one you've had to make.)

Check out a short video of RSVP Keeper in action

In this video we go over how to create an event, add guests, and complete a party's RSVP - all in just a few minutes.

Email Sending

Seamlessly send your Parties their RSVP link - all you need is their email.

Seating Chart

Create and manage a complete seating chart - then export it to .pdf and print it out to bring to your event.

Additional Events

Usually you'll have a Rehearsal or Shower before a Wedding - easily collect those RSVP's too with the same guest list.

Custom Questions

Don't just collect meal options - ask your guests up to 10 custom questions.

Guest List

RSVP Keeper boasts a fully featured Guest List that's the heart of your event. Add, edit, and organize in style.


Importing and Exporting that doesn't leave you stranded. Your Guests, your data.

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