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Who We Are

Our mission is to make taking online RSVP's easy - while freeing you up to communicate with your guests.

Like most startups - RSVP Keeper was created to solve a problem we had ourselves when venturing into the "Online Reservation" world.

We found that a lot of the online reservation sites had clunky interfaces, confusing pricing, and incomplete features. A lot of time we felt like we'd sign up for a service only to find out later that a particular feature was missing or required a large sudden payment. What made this even more frustrating was that we had just put hours into building up our guest list - only to find out the service wasn't was we expected after all that work.

Our Goal

We feel that online RSVP's are only just beginning to jump into the mainstream - and we feel RSVP Keeper can be an app that really helps hosts connect with their guests in a meaningful way. Online reservations are simple to set up and use for both the host and the guest. There's no postage fees, licking envelopes, waiting for the mailman - none of that. With RSVP Keeper you just login and see the RSVP stats right away - we feel there's something really nice and simple about that.

We've put a ton of time into studying the RSVP process - from the perspective of a host and a guest - and we think we've really hit the sweet spot in terms of features, pricing, and usability. We paid attention to the small details that make an app work for you, not against you. We think you'll agree.

Going Forward

We're also always growing, learning, and changing. Rest assured that each time you (or your guests) visit RSVP Keeper we'll be working on adding features and smoothing out the process the best we can.

If this sounds like the online reservation app you've been looking for, then why don't you sign up and give us a try? It's completely free to use while you have less than 50 guests, and just a simple payment afterwards when you want to add more guests. We think you'll absolutely love RSVP Keeper.

~ John from RSVP Keeper

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