RSVP Keeper is packed with features that make you and your guest's RSVP experience easy.

Guest List

RSVP Keeper features an easy to use guest list that is the heart of your event. Once logged in, you'll be able to easily see the status of your events - including a count of those who have accepted, declined, or are still waiting to complete their RSVP.

Party Notes

Ever wish you could give a little more information to your guests? Use the Public Party Notes feature to add more details to your event - like a registry link or hotel recommendations. You could also use the Private Party Notes feature to add private notes to your parties for your own book-keeping.

Party Editing

Getting your guest list together can be a daunting task. One thing that can make your hosting duties easier is a simple Guest List that's packed with features and fully editable even after creation. You can even let your guests edit their own info when they complete their RSVP if you like - now that's easy.


We know it can be scary using a new service - that's why RSVP Keeper has been built with full Import/Export functionality. We're sure you'll love it. This also makes it easy to copy an older guest list to a new event.

Email Sending

In addition to being able to send each Party their custom RSVP form link, you'll also be able to send out emails to your parties. Emails are great because they're quick and reliable - much better than your guests checking empty mailboxes looking for their invitation (that they'll still have to send back).

Seating Chart

Have an event that has guests sitting at tables? No problem - the last thing you want to do is use a separate app, you already have your whole guest list setup! Well, RSVP Keeper has you covered with a simple to use Seating Chart that you can export to .pdf once you're done.

Additional Events

A lot of times when hosting an event you'll have some additional events that you'd like to invite people to as well - like a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. RSVP Keeper features a comprehensive Additional Events manager to help with exactly that - and your guests will love it too.

Custom Questions

When hosting an event you may want to ask your guests to choose a food option or what song they'd like to have played. RSVP Keeper has a full dashboard that let's you ask up to 10 custom questions to your guests. They'll answer the questions at the same time they fill out their RSVP.

Event Options

Your events are full of useful options that you can adjust. For example - say you want to allow guests to edit their names - you can do that. Or if you want guests to be able to search for their RSVP on their own - you can do that too - just give out your Event Link and leave the rest to the guests.

Plus More

These are just some of the features you'll find in RSVP Keeper. Have another suggestion? We'd love to hear it! Just use our contact form to tell us how we can make RSVP Keeper even better.

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